08 September 2006

Family fun

Last weekend was special because my wife and Jo-Lo visited Manila. Jo-Lo's godparents and our friends were also excited to see Jo-Lo, especially Ninang Dessagirl who saw him during his baptism, which now seemed like a long time ago. My wife had a business purpose as well. She bought books for the school where she works at the Book Fair (this I blogged about early on). That time, Jo-Lo had not arrived yet so we had a simple dinner date at Amici di Don Bosco in Makati.

My wife had this...
while I had this.
We topped it off with Gelato. Yum yum!

And here's some photos with Jo-Lo at Chowking!

It only seemed like yesterday when Jo-Lo sat in his big playpen. Now, it has been set aside because he kept climbing up its walls. And it's no small playpen! Now, he loves to run around and laugh and grab celphones when he sees one pointed at him taking photos!

Then that night, we watched Pretty in Pink, a DVD pasalubong by Princess Em from her recent trip to the US. Uy update naman dyan sa blog mo o! Thanks Emily! I love this movie! 80s galore!
Happy weekend everyone!
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