01 September 2006

Book Heaven

My wife is currently in Manila to visit the 27th International Book Fair happening in the World Trade Center in Pasay City. It was her second day there yesterday and when I was accompanying her, I kept asking her to get me something from the fair. I would love it if she got me a book on origami. She said she'll try.

She called me up at around lunchtime, and said she has a surprise for me! An origami book? I'll have to find out for myself. So right after work, I rushed off to the World Trade Center to find my surprise and roam around in the few remaining hours (it closed at 8).

I was truly delighted by my wife's surprise. An origami and papercraft book! It's loaded with work I have never tried before, plus it has paper sculpture, ideas for gift wrapping, papier mache, and even how to make your own paper! Can't wait to try my hand at the new origami stuff!

We also bought some books for baby Jo-Lo. I have been reading about this Sudoku craze from Abaniko and Owen FV so I bought a small book (only 50 pesos!) to try my hand as well. We also bought this thick Walt Disney storybook with illustrations at only 50 pesos from A-Z Marketing (distributor of Reader's Digest). We would have loved the hardbound Hans Christian Anderson story book but it retailed at 1,900 pesos.

There were lots of choices though for kid's books ranging from 60 pesos up.

Other specialty booths featured frog and human dissection figures aside from the Medical books. Interesting. Goodwill also featured fiction works at 80% off!

There's this book, City Lights, edited by Adam David (the nephew of BatJay) being sold at the PSIcom booth which my wife also bought a copy of (only 60 pesos!) I have read a couple of articles in it. If you did not read the disclaimer stating that it is fiction, you would believe that the people and events being mentioned therein are true. It's written in Filipino, so it's a pleasant change from my other readings.

My wife said she also saw a book called Kwentong Tambay by Nicanor David. Isn't that BatJay himself? Wow! Wish I can come back to the fair and see for myself. The book apparently sells for 100 pesos.

At the huge Goodwill Bookstore booth, there were these boxes which included tools for the book covering the topic therein. If it was about mixing drinks, for example, the package included a mixer. If it's about gardening, there's a pot with some seeds in it (I think). But what I got interested on was the Zen Garden box. It comes with a rectangular container onto which you put the sand, and it comes with pebbles and perhaps some other small items to have your own portable Zen garden right on your office table. It's a bit pricey, though. 1,080 pesos less 20%.

The hour and a half I stayed there was not enough to visit all the booths! Wish we can go there one last time before. The International Book Fair runs til Sunday, September 3.


  1. I went over there around 11 am today and able to finally get the books I wanted -- espcially, Indio Bravo and Kite Runner, plus a few more from Ateneo Press and from other sellers. It was fun!

  2. When you've answered the Sudoku puzzles, tell us if you find them fun, okay? I'm sure you'd be eventually hooked on Sudoku as well. Hehe.

  3. Wow! I didn't know of such event! I will probably go there on Sunday! Thanks for sharing1 :) I just wish Nanay will give me some extra money. I would really love to get a hold of batjay's book :) hehehe

  4. hi nick.

    maraming salamat sa pag banggit mo sa libro ng pamangkin ko pare ko.

    proud na proud nga ako sa kanya. he is a very intelligent kid and has great potential as an artist and writer.


  5. ey sir nick, next time you and ate tina go to book chuvanels, please take me along!!! please!!!!!

  6. Origami is a good craft to work on. My hubby bought some books as well and have done a few. He has mastered the crane and I've learnt how to do that as well. Good luck!

    The book fair looks really interesting. I can't wait to read one of those straight tagalog books. Kaya lang wala ata dito nyan.

  7. is the same book fair that ised to be in megamall?

    psst! nicanor! pakitext naman if may book fair ulit. medyo nahuhuli ako sa balita :)

  8. Anonymous3:50 pm

    The Disney book is a good steal. Wah! Inggit yata ako. :(

  9. wahhhh! was busy over the weekend and i wasn't able to go so i'm so jealous!

    now that you're practicing to be an origami expert, make me an origami cat naman o! hehe...

  10. May libro na rin pala si Batjay, nakakalibang magbasa rin sa blog nya.

  11. Oh my! Books Galore!

    Nothing prettier than a stack of good books. I've recently bought a couple from National, one by Sedaris and another by Miss Zafra.

    Origami is fun. I used to know how to make elephants and stuff. I guess its not like riding a bike. I tried to remember making some animals but all I can manage to make is the bird you pull by the tail to make it flap its wings.

    Books! I'm still not over the sight. How often are the fairs done and how long do they last?

  12. ei mahilig ka pala sa art, the art of folding paper, oks yan. sarao ituro sa mga chikiting natin. ahhh, bakit di ko natunugan yang book sale na yan.

  13. Senor Enrique, it's like going to one huge bookstore, with something different per booth!

    Abaniko, susunod na post ko yan!

    Hi Sayote Queen! Nakahabol ka ba?

    BatJay, kakaiba ang avatar mo ah! You're welcome!

    Sure, dessagirl!

    Leah, origami is one craft that can be learned and enjoyed by everyone. Yung bird with flapping wings, turo pa sa akin ng Auntie ko. Hanggang ngayon, alam ko pa how to make it. :-)

    Sure, cherry!

    Niceheart, maganda nga yung Disney book in fairness. Ako muna magbabasa at baka punitin ni Jo-Lo. Pag na-a-appreciate na nya books tsaka namin ibibigay sa kanya.

    Sige Mama Jenn, sa future post ko! :-)

    Ann, marami ngang naaliw sa blog nya.

    Alternati, the book fair is once a year, and lasts for three days. Hopefully we can get wind of the next one early on.

    Cruise! Kumusta ka naaaa!

  14. My husband & my mom nlaw are crazy about sudoku. It was first introduced here late last year I think and surprisingly,many germans are addicted to it already. As mathematically ungifted as I am, I only tried sudoku for kids,lol but I enjoyed it alot!

    wow congrats to batjay!

  15. Hi!

    I tagged you with a meme. Check out my Tuesday post.


  16. oh i missed the book fair! i would've wanted to go there myself.

  17. I know how to make the crane but that is it. My father showed me once when I was young and I've just remembered it ever since. I always thought that I would buy a origami book someday and practice on others but haven't yet done so.

  18. show us the products you are gonna make out of your Origami book ha!


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