08 September 2006

Family fun

Last weekend was special because my wife and Jo-Lo visited Manila. Jo-Lo's godparents and our friends were also excited to see Jo-Lo, especially Ninang Dessagirl who saw him during his baptism, which now seemed like a long time ago. My wife had a business purpose as well. She bought books for the school where she works at the Book Fair (this I blogged about early on). That time, Jo-Lo had not arrived yet so we had a simple dinner date at Amici di Don Bosco in Makati.

My wife had this...
while I had this.
We topped it off with Gelato. Yum yum!

And here's some photos with Jo-Lo at Chowking!

It only seemed like yesterday when Jo-Lo sat in his big playpen. Now, it has been set aside because he kept climbing up its walls. And it's no small playpen! Now, he loves to run around and laugh and grab celphones when he sees one pointed at him taking photos!

Then that night, we watched Pretty in Pink, a DVD pasalubong by Princess Em from her recent trip to the US. Uy update naman dyan sa blog mo o! Thanks Emily! I love this movie! 80s galore!
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Anonymous8:33 pm

    uy, cute ni Jo-Lo... :)
    favorite ko rin pasta...
    di ko pa rin nata try yung sudoku, parang gusto kong bumili ng puzzle na yun...

  2. Jo-Lo looks sooo cute! especially in the third photo.

    I remember seeing Pretty in Pink a year ago. It became the formula for every single teen movie done this decade. Molly Ringwald did a cameo playing a sarcastic airport personnel in "Not Another Teen Movie"... hehe. I liked her most in The Breakfast Club.

  3. Amici is the best Italian resto in Manila! Their pizzas are to die for, din. Kaso, medyo bawal na sa akin, lately.

    Uy, malaki na si Jolo. Ang bilis ng panahon talaga!

  4. Sarap ng may family day. Buti di reklamo si Jo-lo sa klima sa Manila. Sanay sa malamig.

  5. Hey Nick. Your boy's growing fast. You must be a busy dad these days, huh?

  6. Anonymous4:03 pm

    '80s fan ka talaga ha. I've seen this movie a few months ago on our local channel.

  7. Lino, thanks ha. Mana sa Tatay yan hehehe. Try mo sudoku! It's simple yet complex. :-)

    Alternati, thanks ha. Yeah, I also like the breakfast club. Talaga, nasa Not Another Teen movie sya? Ma-check nga yung movie na yun

    Time flies talaga ano Doc? Parang ironic yung comment nyo sa Amici, Doc. To die for yung pizza nila pero bawal sa yo hehehe

    Ann, medyo pawis nga eh. Ang likot pa naman. Kaya hayun enjoy na sya ulit sa Baguio

    Abaniko, yup. medyo busy

    Niceheart, 80s talaga ang the best ever!

  8. ang cute-cute naman ng baby mo!

    hmmm, miss ko na pasta!

    welcome in sudoku world. addict na rin ako jan!

  9. laki na ng kid mo!

    and NAG-AMICI KAYO!!!!!????

    mmm... yum yum.. i'm craving for their cheese gelato!! the best!

    and their carbonara:The best!!

    i'm looking forward to tasting their pasta montanara...mmmmm...

  10. pssst. watson, try niyo yung JT's Manukan sa Ortigas extension....

  11. hey there bespren, been a while since i visited you blog... geez bespren bumibilog ka na ren ha... hey better cut down on your alcohol intake... or you gonna end up looking like me he hehe....

    geez laki na ni Jo-lo ha... hey check out my my blog i just updated it he he he.. superbusy kaya di maka blog e...

  12. jo-lo!!! take me to amici!!! i want!i want!

    it was so nice to see you!!! come back soon ok? mmmmwah!

  13. Oh my! Ang laki na ni J-Lo!!!!!!!! And he's getting even cuter!!!


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