19 September 2006

Happiness is fun in the sunshine!

Days of happiness. I'm glad for Dessagirl and Sarahgirl (are you related? harhar). They celebrated their birthdays with the gang at MyLK (My Little Kitchen) in Greenbelt. We rarely get together these days, and this was indeed a nice break. To celebrate birthdays! Thanks guys.
Three lovely ladies who are incidentally Jo-Lo's godparents.
With Roger (also a good friend), Harry and Francis (also Jo-Lo's godparents!)

And today, a good friend got married to his lovely wife Raquel. Ryan Papa is someone I met in Pasay through other friends.
He's a thirty-something guy who has seen much of the world as a seaman. When he returned ra couple of months back, he said that he was going to be married. We couldn't believe it at first. But based on his stories of how much they have in common, he really has found his significant other.

Ryan is one of those well-rounded folks whose horizon is quite broad. Perhaps travel does do that to you. He has recently been absorbed in reading novels during his free time. He's one of the few people whmo can relate with the constellations when I point them out. The Big Dipper, Orion's Belt, Ursa Major. Wait, as a seaman he ought to know that. But that's beside the point.

Today he starts on another journey of life. I congratulate Ryan and Raquel on their wedding day, and Sarah and Dessa on their birthday. Life is good.
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