28 September 2006

We interrupt this blog for a weather newsflash

Typhoon Milenyo is travelling at 130kph. Though not regarded as a super typhoon (which has maximum sustained winds of 180kph and above), its gustiness can reach 150kph which is strong enough to uproot trees and roofs.

Which is what's happening right now in Manila. Billboards toppling down, trees uprooted, flood everywhere! But we still managed to report for work. Eh?

So he we are, a handful of brave souls sitting in our respective chairs. Good thing there's electricity and internet. A memo was issued early this morning that those who have no urgent / emergency work need not report for work. Well, got tons to do! right after this blog (harhar).

The last time a typhoon of this magnitude hit Metro Manila directly was 15 years ago, so precautions were being put in place since yesterday.

Oh look. The streets are clean! No traffic!
Wait ... that's floodwater! No wonder there's no traffic jam today.
Water, water everywhere. Make that murky water.
An unfortunate car get crashed down with a nearby tree.
This is the sight outside our office bulding. Further off, a row of trees (around 7) were all lying on the streets.

I wonder what time we can go home. The News Bureau reported that the storm will hit 230 kph early this afternoon, making it a super typhoon!
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