30 July 2007

Save The Tawilis

At one time or another, you must have heard of the name of this fish: Tawilis, or Tunsoy in the southern regions. This is quite a popular fish. Unfortunately, it's endemic only to Taal Lake in Batangas. You cannot find this freshwater sardine anywhere else in the world!

The demand for this fish simply cannot be satisfied by the Tawilis population. Each year results in less catch. And we cannot rely on government, NGO, and environmental awareness groups alone. We all must act if we are to save this fish.

We can all help in saving this fish in two simple ways:
1. Do not patronize Tawilis products! As the World Wildlife Foundation once said, "when the buying stops, the killing ends." While this was the slogan for the more highly-publicized ivory trade and whales, this slogan is also very much applicable to us.
2. Spread the word. I myself was surprised to learn that the Tawilis is in danger of extinction and yet it is heavily advertised in restaurants along Tagaytay as a specialty. Had I known before the plight of this fish, I would have discouraged its consumption. Now you can have a more informed choice.

Feel free to copy the simple banner and display it in your site or blog.

Thank you, and hopefully that we can all make a difference.

Google for Tawilis to get other information
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