18 February 2008

A healthy breakfast EB

Last week, I received an SMS from Doc Emer informing me of a breakfast EB in Makati. Well, I'm not exactly a morning and breakfast person but I said I will make extra effort to attend for the love of blogkadahan.

A day before Valentine's, I was rushing off for the EB venue, a bit late (well ok, it was more than 30 minutes) but I was glad they were still in the middle of breakfast when I arrived. After a few minutes, we were sipping coffee (or juice) and enjoying the morning company with topics ranging from Google pagerank to blog monetization. It was an enlightening and fun breakfast meeting overall. I wish meetings were all like that.

Thanks everyone for the company!


100,000 Hurrahs!
I was mildly surprised when I noticed last week that my visitor count was already near the 100,000 mark! Because of the breakfast meeting, I got newfound inspiration to further spice up my blogs and hopefully get some extra moolah from it (after all, who doesn't want extra budget to fund our little cappriccios in life?) And while removing buttons and links that lead to nowhere, I noticed my statcounter. Yipee! 100,000 visits in a little over three years. Wow. Has it been that long?

So, in looking for an excuse to celebrate (for after all, I haven't celebrated my blog's anniversary for three years), I have decided to celebrate 100,000 visits by giving a Baguio gift item to three lucky visitors. What those items are, I don't know yet... I'll be asking my wife to help me look around.

Joining is simple. Just write a comment to this post, let me know what you like most about this blog, and what your favorite article here is and why. So that there will be no bias, I will ask my wife to choose the top 3 winners. Deadline for commenting is Feb 23, or when my statcounter reaches the 100,000 mark, whichever comes later.

Thank you all for sharing your time and stories!
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