12 February 2008

Good Food at Good Earth

We found ourselves in Greenbelt 3 one lunchtime as we searched for a place to spend our gift certificates. Don't you just love freebies? After a few strolls we found ourselves in this nice restaurant called Good Earth.

While looking through the menu consisting of 300 - 500 peso items, the waitress handed over this buffet menu selection. The mechanics is rather simple. Order from this menu and you can try any of the items in the list and you pay 299 pesos per person. No leftovers, no take-out. Fair enough. Our stomachs decided for ourselves and we gave in to temptation.

We thought we'd be shortchanged with our buffet decision (there's always bound to be a catch with these promos) but lo and behold! We loved it!

We were able to reach stage 3 in our ordering level. After this level and with bottomless iced tea (not included, 75 each) and my hot tea (not included in buffet as well, 80 pesos), we declared the buffet menu a winner and we win at stage 3, complete!

Fish fillet with sweet and sour sauce, Joana's peborit
Beef with broccoli, Nick's and Kenneth's peborit
Crispy peking chicken
hot tea
Chicken with blackbean sauce, Pauline's peborit
Team A: Pauline and Joana

Team B: Nick and Kenneth
Our only gripe is that they use the most basic chopsticks. The dining experience would have been nicer with better utensils. Otherwise, the food is great and the waiters were very accommodating. Thank you, Good Earth, for the wonderful lunch!

Good Earth is located at the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 3.


  1. Anonymous7:22 am

    whoa, this just made me more hungry now.. I remember some one asking me to tour her on gimik place.. I guess we could try this one :)

  2. Pahn: Thanks for visiting my blog! There are lots of eats at Greenbelt. I want to try BedSpace soon.

  3. By stage 3, you mean 3rd serving? I can't do buffets anymore. I'm full by the 2nd plate. :D

  4. Wil: That's right. When we finish one batch, that's one stage.
    Stage 1, complete!
    Stage 2, complete!
    Stage 3, complete!
    We never got through the bonus stage (desert), so we immediately proceeded to the billing stage.

  5. Anonymous10:37 am

    The Good Earth has always been one of my favorites, since I first sampled their cuisine in Kuh Ledesma's Malate Republic before the complex mysteriously burned down, taking along with it another favorite, Survival Cafe.

    But a buffet set up is new! Thanks for this, Nick!

  6. Masarap ba yung chicken w/blackbean sauce? Parang gusto ko syang i try lutuin.

  7. hey ann... i will answer in Watson's behalf :P yep... the chicken with blackbean sauce is a great food to sample on their buffet dish... :)

  8. Anonymous9:06 pm

    will definitely give this one a try


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