25 February 2008

Blog on!

What's more wonderful than being with your family on a weekend in Baguio? A four-day weekend, that's what! Well, technically I had to take the Friday off because we had some paperwork to do. And then Monday is a holiday. So it's a 4-day stay for me in Baguio. And as an added bonus, it's the Flower Festival weekend!

Today is the last day, and we're making the most of it by visiting the stalls set-up along Session Road. And here I am making a quick stop to the internet cafe for a quick update.

Speaking of updates, I am ever so excited because I found inspiration in the breakfast EB with some Berks members last week, which prompted some serious searching for nice templates and finally setting-up two more blogs which I have been planning on since last year! These are:

(1) MyKaleidoscopeWorld - a photo blog. Well... I haven't exactly been practicing and studying photography as of late due to work demands, but still... I love taking photos so I might as well revive my photo blog. Besides, this should be the easiest to update because all I have to do is upload a photo or two, insert a caption, and I'm done! I will be updating Kaleidoscope twice a week.

(2) Adobongblog - This food blog was in the drawing board for the longest time. I thought of the concept since way back 2007 Book Fair when I enjoyed reading the Adobo Book. I included the food blog as part of my new year goals to give it a boost. But after a full week of losing sleep, I have finally started this and the photo blog! whew! Things should start cooking up at the adobongblog. I will be updating it once or twice a week.

I might as well inform you of two other blogs I have...
(3) Baguio-Quezon - this was previously merged into my main blog but I soon discovered it wasn't working out for me. So I revived this and hopefully meet new bloggers from Baguio and Quezon province, and reconnect with old friends.

(4) Jo-Lo's blog - my son's blog which obviously, the proud daddy is updating!

I do hope you'll visit my other blogs as well. Thanks!

And speaking of Adobongblog, that makes 1 new year goal accomplished, and two others almost done!
(1) Monetizing my blog - I can use a little money, so currently I am selling ad space on my blogs. I have been wanting to try out PayPerPost and have registered since last year, but so far I haven't started it out yet. Perhaps one of these days.

(2) Pay-off my credit card debts- Yes! I have finally paid off my Citibank credit card bill! Yes! Lesson learned: don't start swiping if you don't have the cash for things you don't really need.

And those are my updates for today. I'm off to enjoy my last day of Panagbenga festivities!


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  1. I don't know how you do it. Samantalang ako sa isa lang hirap na hirap na... hehe. Goodluck!

  2. Anonymous12:36 pm

    eyy Watson. Have tried a few paid blogging things. some work, some take a while to work but still do. I can tell you now (honestly, no paid advert here) payperpost does pay and handsomely too, but google doesn't like them. I'm on three services on one blog. You should do a lot better with the several blogs that you maintain. Some don't accept freehosted blogs so it may be time to get your own domain and move one or two blogs there.

    Oh and yes, ang sipag mo naman!

  3. Anonymous1:24 pm

    wow, prolific blogger eh? good luck, and may you achieve your blogging goals, and im sure you will :)

  4. Jet: Hayun, kinakareer na talaga. hehehe!

    Bambit: Yun ang isa pang gusto kong i-start. Ang PayPerPost. Last year pa ako nag sign-up pero di ko pa rin nauumpisahan. Sana soon.

    Cess: Thank very much!

  5. Congrats on being debt-free!

  6. oi, cge nga.. lemi see you update THEEEEESSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE..

  7. Meowok: thanks!

    Dessagirl: Ayan o, na-update ko na yung tatlong blog. hehehe!

  8. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Btw, pwede mo ba ako ipakilala ke Nil? Plano ko rin kasi ipa-autograph sa kanya yung cc statement ko eh ...

  9. Bambit: Napatawa ako sa comment mo.

  10. ako totally nag iba bigla. this is my first year na absent ako sa panagbenga. lol^^ i went to subic instead. when everybody was going up, i went down. lol^^

  11. Anonymous2:03 pm

    idol, mention kita sa blog ko :)

  12. Wow kuwento ka tungkol sa Panagbenga. Oo nga, how in the world do you manage all your blogs, tapos you're so patient pa in visiting other people's blogs and leaving comments, galing!


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