28 February 2008

Think Green. Act Green.

Are you green-minded?

Environmentally-conscious green, that is.
Yes? That's great!

Nope? Because it looks too much of a commitment? Nobody else to share your ideas with? Or you think it's for the rich people?

Well, here's your chance to become green-minded in a fun and group-hug way. Of course, the environment-friendly crowd will likewise find this a novel and great idea. Welcome to "Do the Green Thing", a non-profit website that makes nature and energy conservation look cool. And it works, too.

Here's how things get done: The Green Thing assigns a task for the members to do each month. The task for January, for example, is taking the stairs. If your office is just a couple of floors up, then why not take the stairs? Sounds easy and practical, eh? Plus, you get the benefit of exercise! But not only that. It also explains why the task is worth doing, what its benefits are to you and/or the environment. And then you can check it off as "done it" when you're done with the task. But that month is just the start of your green-mindedness. Continue working on it beyond that month and add-on other tasks, such as that for the current month. Soon these things will become second-nature to you, and is not as daunting as it seems.

Plus, The Green Thing also has a community going on. You can find and connect with friends who are likewise members. It's more fun doing things when you're with friends.

So do the Green Thing now and sign-up! And oh, let me know what name I can search you with so I can find you and we can form our Green Thing group! Or you can find me (the name's watson, and the photo is a cute guy with the Indiana Jones hat. hehehe) and add me up!
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