27 May 2008

Blazing the Cagayan de Oro trail part III

This is the final installment to the CDO adventure. Part 2 can be found here.

Finally, we dropped by the Macahambus Cave and Gorge for a little spelunking. Whoa. Whitewater rafting, then canopy walk and zipline, and now, spelunking? No, we’re not vying for a world record in doing the most stunts in under a day. The cave itself is actually just a quick stroll.

After just a couple of minutes exploring, we found light at the end of the tunnel. It opened up to the Macahambus Gorge, which afforded a magnificent view of the river below. We were informed by our guide that rappelling on the gorge is in the drawing board. Tempting!

After a barrage of camera clicks and flashes, we rode the jeepney back to the hotel.
Did you know that there’s a place called Divisoria in Cagayan de Oro? It’s an ordinary-looking place by day with shops on both sides of the road. But that night, a complete transformation morphed the main thoroughfare into a bustling night market. I’m not sure if this happens every weekend but it sure is fun to experience it!

I love the barbecued sausage!
Half of the section was dedicated to grilled food, and the rest on mostly clothing, apparel, and souvenir items. We decided to try the local flavor that night and made ourselves comfortable in one of the food stalls. The grill served us seafood and meat aplenty, with siniguelas and pineapples to munch on after the sumptous dinner. Again, rice was served in woven palm leaves. Wonderful presentation.

When the bill arrived, we were delighted to learn that each person’s share was only 115 pesos! What a nice surprise for such a bountiful meal! With cash to spare, we then headed for the night market in search of unique finds, and coffee to cap the night off.

We bought some malong for pasalubong

Overall, our Cagayan de Oro trip was one heck of an adventure. Nature tripping with outdoor sports coupled with the friendliest bunch of people. And don’t forget the food! This trip certainly deserves two-thumbs up.
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