23 May 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: a movie review

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is one of the highly-anticipated movies in my list ever since I heard that this movie was being produced a couple of years ago. And how time flies! Today is the first day of showing and I just had to watch it tonight.

Well... what can I say? This movie brought me back to the good old days when sleuthing was the coolest thing thanks to Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and the Bobsy Twins. And Indiana Jones was the ultimate detective, solving riddles that tested man for centuries.

Like always, I will not divulge much in terms of plot in this review and keep it spoiler-free. But the good old Indiana Jones goes out once again for ancient artifacts and legends in adrenaline-rush action sequences this movie franchise is known for.

This adventure is centered on a mystical crystal skull, said to have been taken from El Dorado, the lost city of gold. The setting of the film is in the cold war era, and right behind Indy's every move are the Russians trying to get hold of power to rule the world.

There are the action scenes with cars and guns in them. Great show! And of course, there's the exploration bit in jungles and solving ancient puzzles and slipping through traps. It's what I expected an Indiana Jones movie to be!

I really, really want to touch on the storyline right now so I'll just stop and say that I enjoyed the movie. Now begs the question: which of the four films is my favorite?

I'd still say that Raiders of the Lost Ark is still be best Indy movie, principally because it centered on something we can relate to (the Ark of the Covenant), and it had just the right magic touch to spurn the imagination of the kid that was me all those years ago that I still feel the adventure whenever I watch the DVD. Second is the Last Crusade, followed by this latest installment, and then Temple of Doom would be the fourth. But that's not to say that this film is a measly third. In fact, if Raiders of the Lost Ark were a 99%, then the Last Crusade would be a 98, and Crystal Skull a 97, and Temple of Doom a 96.

It's sooo good to watch an Indiana Jones movie on the big screen once again! Hats off to Steven Spielberg!


  1. It's hard to believe that The Last Crusade was made back in '89. Time indeed does fly. Harrison Ford is already in his 60s so I was surprised they would make a 4th Indy. He might break his hip during the action sequences. hehe. Thanks for the review!

  2. Wil: It was indeed a fun ride! I will be watching it again to spot things I might have missed the first time.

  3. Hm, was never a big fan of Indy. Though it's not that I hate the franchise, I've seen all 3 films prior to this current one and also used to watch that Young Indy series on TV. But like I said, not a fan, so I haven't actually made up my mind if I want to see this one in theaters. Malaki ba mawawala kung hintayin na lang sa DVD or is it one of those films na iba ang experience when you see it on the big screen?

  4. im not really an indy fan ... wala nga akong napanood ni isang indy film :( but i wont miss this one. ill watch it, maybe next week.

  5. Meowok: Well, you're talking to an Indi fan so I would suggest you watch it on the big screen :-)

    Airwind: Let me know what you think as well

  6. Anonymous6:54 am

    I just finished watching my copies of the 3 previous Indiana Jones movie. I'd say that my favourite out of the three is the last one, The Last Crusade. I like the father-son theme, and I think it's also the funniest one.

    We're planning on watching The Kingdom of Crystal Skull next week. I'm glad that you didn't have any spoilers. :)

    Thanks for the review.

  7. Niceheart: Uy Indiana Jones movie marathon! I also did that a couple of Decembers ago when I received all three DVDs! Hope you also enjoy the fourth movie!

  8. Anonymous7:16 pm

    saw it last night with Sam, blogged about it. What's the difference between meeting Indy again and meeting Tony Stark for the first time? :)


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