20 May 2008

Blazing the Cagayan de Oro Adventure Trail Part 2

Read Part 1 of this adventure here

After lunch, we made a beeline for the Macahambus Adventure Park located at Barangay Lumbia. Part of our itinerary was the canopy walk and zipline. Harnessed and ready for deployment, the canopy walk (also called the Sky Bridge) involved walking along a narrow passageway of about 123 meters across the gaping chasm.

At 150 meters high, it’s a looong way down. But not to worry. You get a refund if you fall. The first few moments upon stepping onto the bridge is rather unnerving. This can truly be a badge of courage for those with fear of heights. But after mustering a couple of steps, you can’t help but marvel at the lush vegetation. The trees here must be centuries old!

While gingerly navigating the narrow pathway, I wondered if we were going to walk all the way back to starting point. My question was answered soon enough as we approached a hut at the end of the trail. A 120-meter heavy-duty cable was strung from here to homebase, and we had to do slide through this entire length to get back.

Protective harness notwithstanding, one can’t help but shout as the solid platform on your feet gives way to nothing but air! The shouts issuing from the Tarzan wannabees didn’t have much variety; it was just the level of panic and terror that gave it distinct tone and volume. Those at the homebase had fun guessing whose shouts they were.

While most that echoed through the cavern were understandably filled with excitement and panic, our second batch almost did not take the Zip Line because the first lady Tarzan did a most bloodcurdling scream that we thought something had gone horribly wrong. She mad it back just fine, though. I think the guide at the other end was most helpful with encouraging words… and pushing? :-)

to be continued...


  1. Oh my, that hanging bridge is something very challenging. I'm terrified of heights so I guess that's not for me.

  2. Rach: may harness naman so ok lang!


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