02 May 2008

Snippets for the weekend

Guess what I'm holding in my hand:

The prize for guessing correctly is my admiration of your ability to identify it! :-)


Name that Blog meme
I got tagged! And I rarely get tagged these days because I am notorious at not doing it anyways... but for this I shall make an exception! The trip to Ocean Park and another in Tanay, Rizal will have to wait (this is a note to myself so I know my timeline... hehehe).

I was tagged by JMom, and thought it will be a great idea to share the story of my blog's name.

So why did I choose wats0n with a zero and not with the letter o? Because the name watson was already taken. Which is a shame really, because it has already been four years that I am blogging and yet the person who got the name "watson" still doesn't have a single blog entry, just a blank template. I wonder if it is possible to petition Blogger to get that name?

And why watson? There were many guesses actually:
1. It's in reference to General Watson, the pilot of the Mechanical Eagle from the Voltes V series (of which I am a fan);
2. It's Sherlock Holmes' companion;
3. I am a part owner of the drugstore with the same name (I wish!!!);
4. Might be a brand of a Hotdog Toaster

The closest guess is item 2. But I really got the name from a Windows application called Dr. Watson that I frequently used in the mid-90s to troubleshoot my office PC when it goes haywire. And I learned that the developers got the name from the Sherlock Holmes novels.

The ".online" part was an afterthought to distinguish it from the drugstore.

So there. That's the story of my blog's name. And I'd be interested to know how the names of these blogs were also born:
Airwind - with "killerpatatas" as the blogspot name.
Searching.... hmmm... I found just 2.
I would have been curious about Alternatii's name but the last update there was January, and I already know the origins of the others with fanciful names... *sigh*. So I have only one blog to tag this to. Airwind, hope you do this meme as well! Pressure ba? Teehee!
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