24 June 2009

Coping with winter the comfy way

We are nearing the end of the first month of winter. Some people I have talked to say the worst is yet to come, with August being the month to watch for. Others say we're pretty much experiencing what will happen for the next couple of months, with the temperature dipping every now and then when the wind picks up. I've also had a friend mention that winter is getting colder indeed; it does not go to 1 degree Centigrade in the past few years!

What that tells me is that the weather can be unpredictable. And it has not disappointed me so far. One early morning you get strong winds and rain, then a couple of hours later the sun is out shining, making you wonder where you will cram your extra jacket and rainwear later on.

Back at home, I decided to move the internet connection and TV into our room since we simply chat, watch TV, talk over the phone, surf the web, or play with Jo-Lo after dinner. All these we can do in the room, and then we do not have to turn on the heater at the living and dining area. So we have done just that. Overall, it's been grand. My wife quipped on the first night, "it's just like being in a hotel room!"

That, it is. Now the only thing lacking is room service.
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