30 June 2009

Explore Wellington City Orientation Tour: Winter theme

You are invited to our Explore Wellington City: Orientation Tour for newcomers on Saturday 18 July 2009 from 9.30am-3pm. It will be a great opportunity to learn about the city, using public transport and walks around the city. Our seats are strictly limited, please register with us. First come first serves. For more information, please contact Jirayu at 803 8330 or settlementsupport@ wcc.govt. nz.

Please feel free to pass it on to your friends, families and network.

Have a great day!

Jirayu Chotimongkol
Settlement Coordinator
Settlement Support New Zealand

Wellington City Council
PO Box 2199,
101 Wakefield Street,
New Zealand

Direct Dial: (64) 4 803 8706
Website: www.wellington. govt.nz/move

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