26 June 2009

Gone too soon

I was shocked, just as I'm sure a lot of people the world over are, over this news of Michael Jackson's death today. It was just so unexpected. Having watched on TV when I was a kid and bought this bubble gum on foil with picture cards of him inside, I consider Michael Jackson as part
of my generation, and just knowing people of my generation passing away just makes me accutely aware of my own mortality.

Michael Jackson was part of many Christmases. We owned this long playing record of The Jackson 5 Christmas album which, when played by my father for the first time in any given year, signals the start of the Christmas season in our home and we would excitedly bring out the Christmas tree to put up and decorate.

But as I identify him with many childhood memories, he was, essentially a person whose childhood was robbed by his popularity. He was a curiosity to many people. But his passing away brought up the fact that he is, after all, just like all of us. A man who has no more control over life than any of us. But one thing's for sure: he did extraordinary things.

You will be missed.


  1. just like you i was also shocked. Hindi lang ako. pati mga officemates ko. Yung isa nga nahuli pa nun boss niya browsing the net about it :)

  2. ako, nick, kahapon pa lungkot na lungkot. kanina nga habang nag-email ako sa blogkada, talagang pramis *cross my heart* naluha ako talaga.

    and of course, you know me, the whole day today, michael jackson ang pinatutugtog ko sa iFod ko.

  3. jho: nag-browse rin ako about it pero di ako nahuli :-)

    Ate Sienna: nakakagulat talaga ano?


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