27 October 2010

I'm 34 (according to Wii Fit Plus)

I couldn't help but smile as I see my high school batchmates receive birthday greetings in Facebook. For the majority, this year marks the start of our lives :-)

Personally, life has certainly been one big adventure so far. When I was still a college student, I didn't dream of grand things. I just wanted to have a good paying job, I thought about getting married in my early 30s, and stay in Baguio to live a relatively quiet life.

Well, life certainly did not want me just sitting around. I have a lot to be thankful for though, but there were also things that I regret doing (and even not doing). There are still things that I would like to do and along the way I know that I will inevitably make mistakes. But I know now that it's the learning and living that makes it all worthwhile.

I am thankful for my friends who stuck with me and accepted me as I am. My good friends Sonny and Leo way back in high school most especially. I look forward to coming back to Baguio so we can celebrate our birthdays this year together.

In the meantime, I bring out the Wii to get some much-needed exercise. Oh, my Wii-Fit age is 34! I like this game.

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