19 October 2010

Convert your Philippine Driver's License to New Zealand's (part2 of 2)

I went to AA at Lambton Quay to take my theory test. Having shown my passport for identification, my Philippine Driver's license, and a proof of residence (a letter with my name and address on it), I was asked to look into this contraption by the counter that looks like a viewer for a periscope with my glasses on. Backlit letters on two columns with four letters per row were on display. I was asked to read the letters of a couple of rows, which I breezed through. I had a bit of difficulty at the lower end, but what confused me greatly was that I was asked to read off the third column... there were only two columns! I had long pauses at this stage wondering what was being asked of me. And so I failed the test.

Nonetheless I was informed that the eye test was not the final word on the check-up, and that I need to go through an eye check-up with an Optometrist. And then I my photo was taken, and after a few minutes' waiting I sat my computerized theory exam. In order to pass, you can only have three mistakes out of 40 questions in half an hour. I had two wrong.

I then booked an appointment with OPSM that weekend, an Optical Centre at Johnsonville. Ten minutes and 30 dollars later, I had my eyesight certificate with me which I passed this time around.

My provisional driver's license arrived in the mail. Whew! I will need to practice first before doing the practical exam.

As you can surmise, it's really quite straightforward. The theory exam though can be quite nerve-wracking because you instantly know if you go the right or wrong answer before you move to the next (or you can skip the uncertains but of course you will have to return to those when you have exhausted the list). So be sure to study well!


  1. Hi, Nick. That's pretty interesting. I still have a good eyesight so I guess I won't fail when taking such a kind of reading exam...

  2. Congrats din pala for the provisional driver's license... :)

  3. Salamat Dodong! Will need to practice driving.

  4. Hi Nick - very helpful blog indeed. I will be buying my first car in NZ this Saturday. I arrived last February with my NonPro Phil Drive License with me. I think Ill just utilize its remaining months then Ill convert it to NZ license. Can we have both Phil and NZ License at one time?

  5. Hi Nick - very helpful blog indeed. Will be buying my first NZ car this weekend and I am just holding a Phil Drivers license. I think we are allowed to buy, are we not?
    I arrived last February 2012 with NonPRo driving license with me. Thought of utilising the remaining legal months that i can drive using it before converting it to NZ license. Can we have Phil and NZ license at one time?


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