08 October 2010

From Carabao to Sheep, An Information Booklet for Pinoy Migrants in New Zealand

A book launching ceremony will be held on 9 Oct 2010 at the Ponsonby Community Centre, 20 Ponsonby Terrace, Ponsonby, Auckland from 2:30PM to 5PM.

Why a new migrant’s booklet?
An inventory of the internet for materials catering to new migrants to NZ reveals a vast amount of information already available out there. From official advisories and step-by-step instructions from government websites to online guides and migrant packs from websites of private organisations. The amount of information is enormous such that it is very easy to be overwhelmed and end up being even more confused and lost.

Furthermore, most of the materials available publicly tend to be broad in scope; catering to all migrants from different parts of the globe. Some information are also most likely to be more applicable for those coming from the UK, USA and Europe, or Asian migrants in general. There is none written specifically with Filipinos in mind.

The main aim of this booklet is therefore twofold. First, simplify the complexity of settling in NZ; and second, tailor it for Filipinos. By only including the most important aspects in settlement, and by arranging the topics in more or less chronological order; from pre-departure to attaining permanent residency and assimilation with the community-- this booklet aims to provide an easy to follow and yet complete recipe a new migrant could use as a guide in the journey towards living a happy life in New Zealand. While a great deal of effort has been made to simplify the materials in this booklet, readers are nonetheless encouraged to do further readings by referring them to links to relevant websites all throughout this booklet.

Who is this booklet for?
Much of the information contained here was based from experiences and points of view of Filipinos currently living in Auckland. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that this booklet best suits Filipino new migrants intending to settle in Auckland. All the same, new migrants regardless of nationality and regardless where they want to settle in New Zealand should find most of the materials written here to be useful.

Who is this booklet NOT for?
This is not for visa or NZ Immigration applicants looking for tips and guidance on how to go about their applications. This is a settlement guide; NOT an immigration guide.

This article is reprinted with permission from Ka Uro

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