20 July 2004

avocado shake! mmmm

avocado shake! mmmm
avocado shake! mmmm, originally uploaded by watson.
My ever-so-tidy wife made a total mess of the dining table. With my, help of course! That fact notwithstanding, I took this photo because she was all smiles inspite of the mess.

The Tefal blender that we bought mid-last year isn't working as we expected. Assembly is easy, but it wont crush ice cubes, and it leaks! I kinda had it when my wife called my attention on the leak problem; I was watching TV then. We had to pour all the contents onto a bowl and repeatedly test the jug part for leaks by means of running water. I got exasperated, dumped all the avocado, milk, and ice back into the blender, and made a complete mess on the already jumbled-up table.

The avocado shake was delicious.

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  1. ok watson this is G, i know you know me, so this your wife..... geez i guess that one great avocado shake. now about that blender, as the name implies it a BLENDER for crying out loud. it supposed to blend man... anyway it is not reomended to crush ice cubes in a blender although some do... i recomend to grab yourself a ice shaver, its damn cheap so shave the ice first, or you could blend the all the liquid and dry ingredients first then add the ice cubes gradually until you get that smooth texture....


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