12 July 2004

Baguio vacation house

baguio vacation house
baguio vacation house, originally uploaded by watson.
Last November 2003, my officemates and I went to Baguio for a weekend vacation. Aaah. That was life. We'd lounge and talk about anything, then when we wanted to go out, we'd just call my brother to fetch us with the van.

We stayed at the ground floor of the house, which was really nice and cozy. There was the caretaker as well and his 2 daughters, who were away during daytime (at work) and rarely stayed during nighttime. So imagine our surprise when we thought somebody at the 2nd floor was looking through the window (see photo, left windowpane). It gave us the creeps! This was taken with a Nokia 7650 phone.

We're not sure if that is indeed a lady or just a bunch of curtains but with Baguio's reputation for the supernatural, it makes the photo a bit creepy. We wanna go back! Do a seance' or something.

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