09 October 2007

May himala!

Ladies and gentlemen, there's a miracle! May himala!

The jogging session my padmate Harry had been planning for weeks has finally started. He was actually waiting for me to be ready, and today was D-day.

Miracle #1: I woke up at 5:30! Well, Harry actually roused me from my restful slumber. I groggily searched for my worn-out rubber shoes and got ready while Harry eyed me by the doorway. Excited? hehe

Miracle #2: We're jogging! I would have preferred brisk walking for starters but there we were. I did a combination of brisk walking and jogging. We circled the block, then moved to the rooftop of the condo for more rounds.

Miracle #3: We're going to the office at 8! We won't be late!

On the downside, I'm not really a morning person so I still feel a bit sleepy as I type this entry on the way to the office. I wonder if this newfound activity will make drastic changes to my morning habits. Yeah, waking up early for one things is really drastic for me. It's a good thing, though. So let's see!
Sunrise, is that you?
["Himala" photo credit: Database of Philippine Movies]


  1. Naks, on your way to a more fit and healthy lifestyle a...

  2. i've only tried jogging (voluntarily) less than ten times my entire life. i've done mountain biking a few times only also. I swim laps nowadays although I don't do that many laps. I guess I'm not much of a cardio guy. hehe. I hit the weights though.

  3. Anonymous2:55 am

    biyahengpinoy's reply to watson's comment on TOUR ME:

    sige ba, walang problema. i can show you around our city when you visit marikina. maliit lang naman ang marikina. you can see all the places in less than a day. basta email mo lang ako. :) eto nga pala ang bagong blog ko about marikina at http://marikeno.blogspot.com/

    i've been to baguio a lot of time before pero i'm not sure if i've seen everything. maybe you can answer that question. thanks for leaving a comment in my blog.

  4. Anonymous7:09 am

    sa akin din, it's always a himala pag maaga akong nagigising! hahaha!

    pero good for you ha... sabi nga nila mas magiging energetic ka the rest of your day pag sinimulan mo ang workout early in the morning! gudlak sa'yo..

  5. Anonymous10:09 am

    wow naman jogging in the morning. naku nakakamiss dati ginagawa namin yan magpipinsan. Ngayon inde na busy na sa work at nakakatakot yung mga asong kalye. :)

  6. Meowok: second day and still going istrong!

    Wil: This is my first time to do this in Manila. But the last time I did jogging in Manila was in high school! But I walk a lot, and I get my exercise mostly from that.

    Biyahengpinoy: Uy Marikina! Sige ha! Contact kita one time. I'd love to see Marikina with my wife. Drop by ako sa Marikeno blog mo one time.

    rho: inaantok naman ako... hehehe

    Airwind: Oo nga eh... tinahulan kami ng aso. Buti na lang nakatali. Kaya hayun, for this second day, we jogged na lang sa rooftop ng condo.

  7. Anonymous2:21 pm

    hehehe..akala ko naman ano yung himala. Sabagay ako rin dati tamad na tamad talaga gumising nang maaga. Sana tuloy-tuloy yang "himala" sayo na yan.

  8. Ann: Third day namin today! Ok naman so far

  9. it's a miracle!!!! good for you!! watch out for that ankle of yours

  10. Jogging is overrated. Stick with the brisk walks. Your knees will thank you someday...

  11. Dessagirl: opo

    Phil: really? I better research about it


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