31 October 2007

Of Birthdays and Friends

Last week was a most hectic time for me and team marketing, for it was golf week. Our company holds an annual golf tournament for our customers every year to coincide with our company's anniversary. Marketing is the de-facto organizer for this event, and it can really get very busy!

And so I had two hours' sleep last Friday and ran all over the place coordinating things til 7PM, all the while I not having a decent breakfast or lunch because with all the tension that comes with being an organizer, you can hardly find the appetite to eat. And so you can just imagine how totally drained we were after this event.

I went home to Makati and I decided to sit for a while before packing up to go to Baguio. Bad idea! I fell asleep and woke up at the 7:00AM Saturday sunshine! I left for Baguio at lunchtime and arrived 7.5 hours later. I practically spent my birthday in the bus.

IMG_5563But a pleasant surprise awaited me at home. I was greeted by this birthday banner on the wall. Isn't that sweet! And I had two guests: my best friends since way back in high school, Sonny and Leo! We had a lot of fun catching up.

IMG_5551We had a simple dinner of my favorite tinola which my wife cooked and had a couple of beers while we caught up with each other's lives. It was already 2:00AM when we called it a night. What fun! We promised to meet again before the Halloween vacation is over.

IMG_5554The following day, we went to my parents and brought with us a simple food celebration for my father's birthday, which was still going to be on the 29th but we decided to celebrate it on the 28th instead so it can be a double birthday celebration. My father was actually requesting for a brand of red wine but the liquor ban due to the upcoming elections caught us unawares so that will have to wait.
Monday was quite uneventful apart from being my father's birthday and the local elections. We exercised our right to suffrage and then we were supposed to be on our way to La Union but my wife postponed it. So I stayed at home with baby Jo-Lo and his cousins.

I have limited access to the internet at this time so my next post may be after the Halloween vacation already. So until then, have a meaningful All Souls and All Saints Day ahead!


  1. Anonymous2:41 am

    belated happy birthday po! :) sarap tinola ... huwaw!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday po! Saya naman ng holiday dyan... Glad you're spending it with your family.

    Gob bless! :)

  3. Belated Happy Birthday!

  4. Airwind: salamat!

    Misyel: salamat rin po!

    jho: thanks!

  5. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Belated happy birthday!

    Balita ko full time yaya ka kay Jo-Lo sa haba ng bakasyon mo.

  6. Ann: Salamat! Ganun na nga... enjoy naman. Kahit ang kulit ni Jo-Lo talaga

  7. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Baguio express to kaya, happy b-day pa rin, hehe..
    Maybe you've noticed na you're getting older if the candles are more expensive than your cake. Ingat lang. Cheers!

  8. belated happy birthday ulit pare! God bless you always...

  9. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Nothing beats the warm company of family and friends. Belated Happy Birthday, Nick!

  10. When I turned 10 - my aprents threw me a Star Wars themed bday party... it was the greatest ever!

  11. Trublue: hahaha. Kaya siguro wala na ako cake, so that I won't be reminded of my age.

    Dessagirl: thanks!

    Doc Emer: Maraming salamat po!

    Katana: Darn! You're a lucky girl. I'm a big Star Wars fan. I'm sure I would have tremendously enjoyed a Star Wars-themed party even at my current age.

  12. Anonymous12:09 am

    Emma watson for you brothers!!!

  13. Belated happy birthday !

    and ran all over the place coordinating things til 7PM, all the while I not having a decent breakfast

    If you continue like that you will need Kremil! ;-)

  14. Anonymous8:40 am

    belated happy birthday sa'yo kuya! ingatz ka po lagi and God bless you always!


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