09 November 2007

Happy Halloween, Happy Birthday!

October is the busiest time for us in terms of birthdays. There's my younger brother Doods on the 13th (he's working in the middle east right now), then there's me on the 27th, then my father on the 29th, and finally my older brother Dennis on the 30th. After which we celebrate All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

Our dearly departed are quite far from us; they're in Dagupan and in Marinduque, the provinces of my father and mother, respectively. So what we do at this time of the year is to simply light up candles at the strike of 6PM on Nov 1. When we were kids, we would simply light up a candle per room and the corners of the house outside to guide wandering spirits on their way. But we liked the candle lighting ceremony so much that we decided to kindle more candles than necessary. Up in Crystal Cave where my parents live, we'd create a path of light on both sides of the winding pathway leading to the house. Soon our neighbors joined in the fun too.

This year though, we weren't able to go so we simply lit candles in our home at Camp 8 while my mother-in-law sent us rice cakes.

The weekend after Halloween, my wife celebrated her birthday! That was November 4. The day before and the morning of the day itself was a frenzy of activity as we prepared for the afternoon party. It was just a small gathering actually, with a few friends and family members.

My sister helped us prepare this delicious pancit!

Jo-Lo was thrilled to have his cousins visit him and was quite exhausted by the time the party slowed down. Til next year, baby Jo-Lo!


  1. Anonymous6:52 pm

    tsalap ng pansit..... iba talaga ang blogsite nio po sir watson ang sarap ng mga foods.... gutom na ako.. wehehe

  2. Airwind: Dahil sa long vacation na yun, naging 150 lbs ako. From 130 lbs a couple of months ago...

  3. Happy bday to you and your pips! Hehehe!
    Sarap ng handaan nyo.

  4. Ate Fionski! Salamat rin for the greeting!

  5. belated happy birthday to ate tina!!!

    sir nick.. i will miss you talga.... you made me cry in my cubicle

  6. Happy (belated) birtday to everybody.

    Wow! That is a non stop party for the whole month!

  7. "sir nick.. i will miss you talga.... you made me cry in my cubicle"

    Tsk,tsk, Watson... it is not nice to make girls cry in their cubicles ! ;-)

  8. Dessagirl: Salamat po... o ayan, si Sidney akala nya may ginawa akong bad. huhu

    Sidney: Thanks! And... um... I'm actually resigning from work already and Dessagirl is quite sad about it...

  9. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Belated happy birthday kay Tina.

    Sa Baguio ka na work tito nick? or going overseas?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Tagged you for a Meme

  12. Anonymous8:43 am

    ang haba ng bakasyon mo ha at ang dami pang celebration! belated happy birthday sa lahat ng may birthday lalo na sa misis mo! ingatz ka lagi kuya... God bless!

  13. Hi Watson. Sorry haven't visited for a while. It seems it's been a series of birthday celebrations. Yummy handa! Belated Happy Birthday to all. Sorry I missed your birthday. Hope you had a wonderful time. Take care!


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