08 April 2009

The Scots College Gala auction

The final Sunday of March saw us at the Scots College grounds for their highly-anticipated Gala. This being our first time to participate in such an activity, we did not know what to expect. But when the bus was approaching the school, we saw cars parked on both sides of the road! The usually quiet roads were filled with cars. This is indeed, an anticipated event.

There was lots of things to do at the Gala. For one thing, there was a lot of items on sale: pre-loved clothing, toys, furniture. There was an assortment of plants, and a huge tent was occupied by food stalls serving a wide variety of cuisine from different continents! Jo-Lo had loads of fun with the kiddie rides and shows on stage. It was a fun, family-oriented activity!
The ladies were lining up at the clothing tent. That place was busy for most of the day.
The crowd was entertained by intermission numbers and contests.

The Gala is a fundraising activity, the proceeds of which go to the further development of Scots College. And as an extension to this activity is the online auction of quality items, some appealing to collectors.

The first time the auction appeared on Trademe, I was contemplating on bidding on the Peter Jackson - autographed Lord of the Rings DVD. It started out at $100.00, but only a few hours later, it is already at $300! Tough luck...

You might find something you fancy at the auction being hosted by Trademe. So head on there and bid!


  1. you're having a nice time there...and the weather seems fine, unlike here when it's unbearably hot. waiting for you to trek the snow-caped mountains there like LOTR :P

  2. Tutubi: well, it might be the reverse here... with the coming winter, it could very well be unbearably cold :-)


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