23 April 2009

Scrabble on Facebook

I have been playing online games since the first Warcraft came out. I have also experienced the thrill of playing online chess in Yahoo! games. And I have been doing social networking ever since the Friendster heyday. I thought I have passed the gaming and social networking phase, contenting myself with maintaining multiple blogs.

However, we have a project at work which involved creating a site for the school alumni, and they wanted something similar to Facebook. And since a lot of them are in Facebook, they would like to have a Facebook interface available there, too. So, in the interest of research I reactivated my dormant Facebook account and played around with it a bit. The most joyous discovery I had here, of course, was that I found my high school batchmates active and alive in Facebook, and I managed to contact them after so many years! My further exploration of Facebook lead me to keeping a pet turtle, sharing drinks, doing quizzes, and commenting on other people's notes. Yep, it can get quite busy at Facebook.

My wife also got involved with Facebook. I'm not sure how it happened but there she was, busy connecting with friends and trying out a quiz or two. And then, one day, she started playing Scrabble. And then I played Scrabble too. And then we both got hooked.

So if my blog does not get updated for some time, you know where to find me. Leave me a note to remind me that I have blogs to update (I might have forgotten that I have blogs!). Or, we can have a game of Scrabble! Here is my scoresheet to date:

It's a fairly moderate scoresheet, really. I like a casual game with 5 minutes per turn. I have three wins so far, perhaps it will be you who will be the first ever to beat me!

If you have a Facebook account, look mine up (Nick Ballesteros) then link me up as a friend with "scrabble" on the message. I will put you under my scrabble list of friends and then we can play a game some time! Make sure what you add in your application is the "SCRABBLE® Worldwide (excluding U.S. and Canada)" version.

And in case you were wondering... I experienced blogger's block awhile ago and can't think of anything to write... but I had Scrabble in mind so here it is! Now on to the game!


  1. facebook is quite addicting. Will look you up and link you.

  2. Hm, I play scrabble on FB too, but using a different app yata. The lexulous app...

  3. jho: see you there! I just finished playing my 3rdd game and I won! yipee!

    Meowok: there is another app for scrabble? Hmmm...

  4. Hi playmate! Pasensya na bagal ko tumira ha. :D


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