01 August 2009

Cory! Cory!

Today I join the rest of the Filipino people in mourning for the loss of one of our iconic personalities in history: Corazon Aquino. She has succumbed to cancer; she was 76.

I will always remember her as that lady in yellow that dared defy 20 years of dictatorship. To the youth of those days, she represented change. But being so far from the action in Manila (we were high school students in Baguio then), my friends and siblings thought of it as a fun diversion to wear yellow and flash the L sign. Later on, the significance of Cory Aquino in Philippine history became apparent to us as she became the first ever lady President of the Philippines, and she did so with the landmark ousting of a dictator.

It was one of those rare moments that tell us Filipinos can be great, if only we get our act together. Thank you, Tita Cory.


  1. light a candle for corazon aquino HERE.

  2. Interviews with common folk, former employees and generally, those whom lives she touched, had me tearing up. :(

  3. I am reading up on what is happening back home. I'm sad that I cannot be there to be part of it.


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