18 August 2009

Revisiting the Old Coach Road Heritage Trail

Oftentimes, it's the unplanned trips that gets realized. And that's exactly what happened last weekend. Our friend Jerry said that his wife and kids were meeting up with a friend for the afternoon, and we just had this idea to go tramp at the Old Coach Road Heritage Trail which Jo-Lo and I went to some months ago. He had seen the photos in this blog and he had also been wanting to see the rolling hills for himself. So off we tramped!
But rather than staying on just the first peak we decided to traverse part of the trek, it being a nice day and all (although it was a bit cloudy, with a hint of impending rain.)
See the winding trail below? That's the path we took. Interestingly, we met a few folks running about. There were even kids doing a marathon with a coach!

This sight greeted us at one turn. It was an amazing sight! Hope I can have a proper camera soon.
At some point, the trail led to a grove of trees. It was surreal. One moment it was all bright, and then the canopy of trees dimmed the surroundings a bit, with a light-greenish glow around as the light got filtered through the leaves.

And before we knew it, we were at the end of the trail! We actually detoured into one of the arteries because it was starting to drizzle. But we had an enjoyable walk (it only took about an hour!) that we have decided to return and complete the rest of the trail soon!


  1. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Oi Nick .....kamusta na pre...si Zheck ito...u still remember the old days...circle of life...Bong Nomo..how is he anyway?

    Pons???? hows he doin?

    Just sayin hi dude.

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