14 October 2009

A few Facebook announcements

It's been great fun so far at Facebook, especially since I was able to find many of my high school classmates there. And for a time I was hooked on some games, especially Farmville and Scrabble. I am currently using Facebook for the following purposes:

- Reach out to Student Library Assistants at Saint Louis University in Baguio City, the Philippines. I spent a considerable amount of my college time at the Charles Vath Library Building between the years of 1988 - 1992 or thereabouts, and it will really be great to get in touch with my friends back in the old days. So if you or anybody you know was a member of the Saint Louis University - Student Library Assistants' Society (SLU-SLAS), it will be great if you can join the group at Facebook. Other years are most welcome to join, of course. It will be great to have stories of people who supported their studies and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor.

- I also decided to close my son Jo-Lo's blog, but we created a fan page for him at Facebook so his doting ninongs and ninangs and our family back home in the Philippines can see what he's currently up to. A link to his page is available at the lower left section of this blog.

- My blogs also automatically post articles on Facebook so that's a great way to catch up.

Thanks and see you in Facebook!


  1. Hi. This blog is now nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week Award (week 183). You may visit the site and vote. Poll is on the sidebar. Good luck.

  2. Hi talksmart. Thanks so much for this nomination. I feel like a winner already!


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