22 October 2009

Tulip Day 2009

It seemed like just a few months ago when we arrived here in Wellington, New Zealand and new-found friend Debbie and sons toured us at the Botanic Garden for Tulip Day 2008. This trip to the park certainly brings back memories. It was a rainy week but on Saturday the sun came out, a perfect day to visit the tulips! I've compiled a few photos for posterity's sake.


  1. Wow. The flowers looked really nice. I wonder if you could just pick them and bring some home, but then of course you can't,or can you?

    Is life in New Zealand really that wonderful? Sometimes I feel like I want to live in other countries as well - even if just for the experience of it (and of course the money it would earn me.)

  2. Elleica: There's a coffee shop nearby that hands out tulips per order. Nice di ba?

    Tahimik at simple ang buhay dito. Marami ring nakakamiss sa Pilipinas like our variety of food.

  3. Anonymous5:18 pm

    nangangamusta ..... :)

  4. very nice.
    favorite flower ko tulip aside from rosal.
    dito, pag autumn talagang dinarayo ko yung tulip garden,uupo lang ako sa gilid pampaalis ng stress, yun nga lang not for sale.


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