24 November 2009

By this time...

... Christmas decorations and lights are making Makati CBD very festive at night;
... the hustle and bustle in Divi has increased;
... I would already have put-up our 8-foot Christmas tree and Looney Tunes ornaments;
... I would have already made the gift list and 30% done with shopping;
... we would still be waiting for our 13th month pay;
... we'd still be wrapping the company gifts;
... I would have attended a couple of Midnight Madness sale already at Glorietta, never mind that I do not really buy anything;
... we would have the Jackson 5 Christmas Album playing at night;
... I would have attended a couple of Simbang Gabi;
... everybody always seem to have a smile on their faces;
... the days are shorter but happier.

Christmas season in the Philippines is truly one of a kind, and I wish to be there to experience it all next year.

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