01 November 2009

Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is the largest freshwater lake in New Zealand and the Southern Hemisphere. Located in the North Island, Lake Taupo is a popular tourist destination because of the stunning scenery, unpolluted environment, and rich fishing area.

Lake Taupo was part of our itinerary on the way back from our snow adventure in Mt. Ruapeho. Picnic lunch was scheduled there. We were greeted by a town that exuded vibrant tourism, with quite a number of shops and cafes. We were supposed to leave a few minutes after lunch, but Lake Taupo was such a beautiful sight that we decided to linger.

It truly is an amazing place.


  1. wow nice.
    my mother, used to tell me that she love to stay in philly but if theres any chance to go to your place, she loves to go.
    she really love nature, my friend once told mt that its too boring but solemn, thats the point i sed, my mom want a very quiet and solemn place, but i know, i will not have a chance to bring my mother to your place, hanggang sa westlake nalang sya dito sa china hahaha.

  2. Hi, Watson. Based from the photos alone, I must agree with your that Lake Taupo is truly an amazing place. How I wish our lakes and rivers in the Philippines most especially Pasig River and Laguna Lake is as unpolluted as this one :)


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