14 January 2010

Gone Fishing at Owhiro Bay

One of the more interesting things I did during the holidays was fishing. Glen invited me for an afternoon of fishing with his dad and son from out of the blue and always on the lookout for something new, I heartily accepted.

We went to Owhiro Bay which is south of the Wellington CBD. It was less than an hour's trip. My son Jo-Lo went with me, a perfect time to enjoy the beach which he loves so much.

After a quick lecture on how to prep the fishing rods, we approached the water and started the fishing business.
Jo-Lo played about the area. The shore is peppered with stones smoothed out by water and time, the sort that you would also see on rivers, and the rough road is suitable for 4x4s. The nearby mountains are being rehabilitated through the planting of native shrubbery by volunteers, and trampers are advised to stay along the pathways. There were quite a number of people walking about as well, and many would smile and greet you. Such is the friendly atmosphere here in Wellington.

Glen said that if we continued to walk further off and around the next bend, we would be at Red Rocks Reserve, an area of national significance. The place is named such because of the presence of iron oxides which give the rocks their reddish colouring. A bit further off is a seal colony. I would have been excited to go and see this natural wonder as well but we were there specifically for fishing; that adventure will have to wait next time.

As the day wore on, however, the waters became more choppy and the wind started to pick up. Beginner's luck was not on my side.

Soon enough, we were headed off for home.
Glen was able to bag a catch, though! Experience ruled over beginner's luck on that day.

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