03 January 2010

Happy 2010, everyone!

As I start to write this, the clock struck 12 midnight, and I am now on the final day of the Christmas break. Times certainly flies when you're having fun. There were a couple of things I said I will do during the break but never got around to doing it, and at the same time there were a couple of things I didn't dream of doing but did! It's truly interesting how you would plan at times and then something else comes around.

One thing I will not do for this year is make a New Year's resolution. Wait... did I just make a resolution to not make a resolution? Hmmm...

Anyhoo, what a year 2009 has been! It was good to me overall. For one thing, I started work 20 January after months of unemployment (and it's related to the Internet which is smashing), we moved to a nice house with a sun room and a small area where I am able to do a bit of gardening, we were able to get our Permanent Residency, and towards the latter part of the year we were able to acquire a few material comforts. Best of all, I am thankful that we are all in good health as can be.

A few hours from now I will be putting down the decorations and storing them for next December. And as part of the clean-up I decided to do a bit of bloghopping and visit my old haunts. One thing I noticed was how blogrolling.com now had this advertising space plugged on top of the screen every time you visit a link they are sponsoring so I decided to do away with that and recreate my Link Love using a native Blogger list widget. And while bloghopping I was happy to note that many of my fellow bloggers are still happily writing. Unfortunately, quite a number has also disappeared from the radar. Dropped off completely or just stopped altogether. But for sentimental reasons I have decided to retain some of them, and clean out dead links. I had to go through quite a long list and might have accidentally deleted some links so if you cannot find your blog in the list at the lower left section of this blog, my profuse apologies. Do bring it to my attention and we will have the reciprocal links in order.

All the best to everyone in 2010!


  1. It is now. Happy New Year, Misfit!

  2. Happy New Year to you, too!

  3. Happy New Year Nick! Sorry for the delayed response.


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