08 April 2010

Filipina stars in Miss Saigon production at Wellington

I am one of the lucky few who was able to watch a Miss Saigon performance. This was in Manila many years ago, a treat from an officemate. It's a wonderful play, and the songs are unforgettable.

Miss Saigon is popular because our very own Lea Salonga also starred in it during its run in London. And this is where Lea claimed worldwide fame as she charmed audiences with her powerful voice.

The show is now in Wellington, and we also have a Filipina to grace the stage. I believe she will perform as Kim!

Jeremiah Cortez is introduced thus in the Miss Saigon website:

Coming from the Philippines, Jeremiah has been a resident of Wellington since 2007. She took classical singing in 2005 at the Academy of Performing Arts in the Philippines and gained much theatrical training through the many productions she was part of. She loves the theatre and has been performing since the age of 13, including high school productions, some of which she also directed. Her first performance in Wellington was with the Wellington Repertory Theatre in Happy as a Sandbag. She has loved Miss Saigon since childhood and is thrilled to be part of this production.

Jeremiah also loves to write short stories and poems.

I wish Jeremiah the best of luck in this latest Miss Saigon production.

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  1. She's simply one talented Filipina the Philippines must be proud of...


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