27 April 2010

A quarter past what?

I've had a few experiences here in New Zealand that I have started getting comfortable with. But one thing that still confuses me is the way they tell time. Kiwis prefer telling it by halves and quarters.

One time at the office, for example, we set a time for the meeting to be half past 3. Now we all know that that's 3:30, but when you're multitasking, things that you're not accustomed to hearing can get confusing. I almost missed the meeting, actually. Now, when we talk time and it gets to halves and quarters, I repeat the time, this time in the way I am familiar with (so it's three thirty, right?) and note it down. I was worried about getting a bit of a challenge when adapting to new things, I didn't anticipate time to be one of them. Whew!

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