15 June 2010

My Fabulous Final Fantasy Find

So we were in town last weekend doing our regular grocery and were shopping around for some good deals. After an hour or so, we were already waiting by the exit for a friend to finish up with nothing much to show for our shopping time, when I spotted a shelf of DVDs and music CDs heavily marked down and waiting for a good home to accept them. And what did I find amongst the pile? A Final Fantasy Advent Children Limited Edition Collector's Set! I grabbed it and headed straight for the counter, unable to contain my excitement. Final Fantasy VII is one of my favorite video games ever and Advent Children is one seriously groundbreaking CGI movie!

I opened the box and out came two DVDs, a script book, a novel, and 10 postcards. Sweet! I couldn't believe my luck. I actually went back to see if there were others, but that was pushing my luck I guess :-).

Guess how much this gem cost me? Did I mention 'heavily discounted?' It was 50 cents!


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