25 June 2010

Happy 5th birthday, Jo-Lo!

Here in New Zealand, children's parties are exactly that: children's parties.  Adults are not expected to attend.  The parents would just drop off the kids and pick them up at the designated "party over" time.

But Jo-Lo's 5th birthday party (last 18 June) was celebrated Filipino-style. Parents and siblings were welcome!  One thing that Filipinos have adapted here though, is to bring along a plate to events - that is, to bring a plate of food to share.  When we phoned friends to invite Jo-Lo's friends to the party, the parents would ask what they would like us to bring.  And though we've told them that food is taken cared of, they nevertheless brought additional food and drinks.  Isn't it fun?

We celebrated Jo-Lo's birthday at the Johnsonville Community Centre which has an affordable per-hour rental fee.  Aside from the convenient location and availability of kitchen facilities, we also did not have to worry about parking.

And in true Filipino fashion, we had pancit for long life and a host of other party favourites.
This was a lunch affair.  But the party went on at home, where Jo-Lo also opened his gifts.

That's me, going into our room with the Lego and Transformers toys in tow for our assembly some other time!

Freshly-baked cinnamon by Glen!  Full tummies notwithstanding, this was promptly gobbled up even before half an hour was over.

Pinapaitan by Gina!  Hot soup for a chilly night.

Both kids and parents had a very nice party weekend.  Happy birthday Jo-Lo!


  1. Hi Misfit! Pancit is a noodle dish, stir-fried with veggies and some pork bits. By custom, we do not cut the noodles into manageable portions so that the celebrant will have long life :-)

  2. Happy birthday, Jo-Lo! I recognized Jo-lo from a picture my son brought home from his kindy. I think he became Jo-Lo's buddy in his first day of school. I think they became buddies because their both pinoys and my son's name is Polo. :)

  3. Hi Layne! Thanks for the greeting, and regards to Polo. Jo-Lo surely needs as much friends as he can have in his new school.


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