12 July 2010

They love our shows!

My wife told me an interesting story from her part time job. One of her colleagues - a Samoan - asked if she was Filipino. When she said she was, her colleague excitedly told her that they love our soap operas! They actually know Piolo Pascual, Angel Locsin, Jericho Rosales, and Kristine Hermosa, among others. They love Lobo, Gulong ng Palad, Maging Sino ka Man (and there just might be more).

I have since learned from fellow Pinoys that Samoans and Fijians indeed love our shows. They say that they can relate to the stories, and that our soaps and movies are rather good. That's really heartening to know. I guess we have something in common with our Pacific Island neighbours!

A quick search in the Net revealed that in Samoa, Gulong ng Palad even had a nightly timeslot and it was very popular. Lucky Samoa, at least they have Filipino content on TV. Here in New Zealand, you have to subscribe to a rather pricey, single-channel cable service to get Filipino TV.

So if you have a friend from Samoa or Fiji, try to find out if they like a particular Filipino actor / actress and you can buy them DVDs (with English subtitles!) as pasalubong (gift) when you visit the Philippines!

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