28 July 2010

You can't beat Wellington on a sunny day

You'd hear this at one time or another. And I guess it's even more appropriate this winter. We've been having mostly cold and wet days since last month, but these past few days we're seeing some sun and at times, even cloudless skies! Sure, the winter chill is still there but the warmth of sunshine truly makes a huge difference.

We had a sunny spell last weekend. It was a great time to be outside and that was where we found ourselves, with friends and kids in the playground.

One thing I admire here in New Zealand is the presence of strategially-located recreational areas for the family in the form of nature walks and playgrounds. Our home, for example, is just about 15 minutes' walk away from the Northern Walkway. In the town, a big playground is also within walking distance. And so is a rugby field which has frequent weekend games.

This actually reminds me of my hometown of Baguio City. We also have a number of parks strewn about the city and as kids we used to hike on weekends from Burnham Park to Sunshine Park, Filipino-Japanese Friendship Park, and off to Camp John Hay. Or we'd take the other route from Burnham Park to Teacher's Camp, then Botanical Garden (formerly Imelda Park), then Wright Park. Ah, those were the days.

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