29 September 2010

Gilberd Bush Reserve

The Gilberd Bush Reserve is around 15 minutes' drive from Johnsonville. This is actually the third time I've been here. The second time, Jo-Lo and I hiked from our home in Paparangi and it's a good hour's walk.

The scenery here is breathtaking, as you can see in the photos. It reminds me of Tagaytay where you can have an impressive view overlooking Taal Lake and Volcano. In the case of this park, you get a view of the bay and Matiu Island.

There is a wide open space here, perfect for outdoor activities. The pathway is quite popular for joggers and people walking their dogs (or is it the dogs walking their owners?).
 There are two picnic tables where you can relax the afternoon away with friends.

In our case though, the famous Wellington winds prompted us to go to the deck instead where the slopes afforded us some shelter from the gusts.

Actually, I am not exactly sure if the place we went to is still part of the Gilberd Bush Reserve because if you have a look at the map view of the Google Map below, the territory does not include the right side of the park where we went to. At any rate, just follow the route going to this Reserve, then just head off all the way to the end of Ladbrooke Drive and you will get to the dead end / parking lot, from where the wide open space awaits you.


  1. That is indeed a beautiful place...looks unspoiled !


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