18 September 2010

Saturday stroll at the Aotea Lagoon

Sunny weekends call for trips to the park. So after a series of phone calls to various friends, we were off to an impromptu trip to a place we've never been to before (although it's only about half an hour by car away): the Aotea Lagoon in Porirua, Wellington.

This place reminds me of Burnham Park in my hometown of Baguio City in the Philippines where we have a man-made lake popular for boat rides. The Aotea Lagoon is also artificial. But rather than being landlocked, the Aotea Lagoon is connected to the Porirua Harbour via a culvert located underneath the model windmill.
There is an 833m path that goes all the way around the pool which is a perfect spot for jogging. There's also quite a number of picnic tables and loads more green space for kids to run around in. Unfortunately, part of the children's playground was under renovation and the flying fox (one of the longest around) was not available. Still, there were other facilities the kids had fun in.

A railroad track runs around the park.  On Sunday afternoons a mini train actually runs through these tracks and is a popular attraction for kids.  I myself would feel excited riding on such a train as it cruises through tunnels and over bridges!  We went there on a Saturday so we weren't able to see this, unfortunately.

There's a Rose Garden too, and with Spring around the corner it will surely be a beautiful spot come Summertime.

There's clean toilet facilities, and free barbecue and picnic areas.  Fishing is permitted, as well as canoeing (but you have to bring your own canoe!).  Swimming is prohibited though so don't come in your bathing suit!

Feeding the ducks and seagulls is also a popular pasttime here.

The Aotea Lagoon is another place where the family can have fun amidst nature.  Truly a fun discovery!

Additional information about this place can be found in the Porirua City Council website.


  1. Nothing better than a trip with family and good friends !


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