04 December 2010

Cartoon / Anime overflow at Facebook

Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood, and invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday next week, we hope to see less human faces on Facebook, but an invasion of childhood memories. This is for awareness of Violence against Children, a great cause.
I first saw this announcement on my Facebook wall from some of my Camp V5 friends as they changed their avatars to anime characters.  I followed suit, just in time to see my other friends change their avatars as well.  It's quite a fun activity this has turned out to be!  A lot of my friends chose characters from my generation and I love my anime and cartoons so it has become a sort of time travel to the Saturday Fun Machine for me.  It was interesting to see what my friends' favourite characters are.  I can readily identify majority of these; there were only quite a few that I was not familiar with.

The fun ends on Monday.  More importantly, this activity reminded me (and hopefully a lot of other people too) that violence against children is a big no-no!

Only a couple of days left if you'd like to join!

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