07 December 2010

Johnsonville Christmas Parade (Part 1 of 2)

We had a proper summer last weekend as temperatures rose (some of the highest recorded, I believe), and it was a welcome respite from the cold, windy winter that seemed to extend all through spring. The day was just right for the Johnsonville Christmas parade! People came out to bask in the sun and enjoy the spectacle, which is a yearly event for the town.

One thing that amuses me is their use of heavy machinery for their floats (versus our floats in our Flower Festival where we try to make the vehicle blend with the decorations and make it as undetectable as possible).  Huge trucks are a normal sight.  Kids are usually on the floats and it emphasizes even more how immense the trucks are.
I couldn't decide on which photos to leave out and which to display here, so I'm doing this article in two parts instead.  Enjoy!

The Hare Krishna is quite a popular group here I think.  I sometimes see them chanting their familiar song around Cuba Mall in the city. 

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