06 January 2011

Balikbayan (part 2): Malling in a wheelchair

We were going to the Mall of Asia (one of the largest shopping malls in Asia) primarily to watch a movie in iMax. So after a quick lunch, we were off to MoA.

Even though we knew it was the peak season as people are in a fevered pitch to shop for gifts and spend time with the family, we were initially overwhelmed by the huge crowd! Sure, MoA is quite huge, but the crowd managed to fill every nook and cranny just the same.

So that my wife will not get tired with having to walk all over the mall, I decided to rent a wheelchair for her. The rental place is near the skating rink, the cost of which is P180.00 for the entire day.

I learned about this wheelchair rental service from Toni's Wifely Steps blog. It's really nice having this in such a huge mall. We met a number of people also on wheelchair, so I guess business is brisk. You only need to leave a valid identification and pay the fee, and you're off.
Look at the name of the wheelchair service... what a coincidence!

As you can see in the above photo, there are even fun carts for your kids!  It can be such a hassle when your kid gets tired and you have to carry them the rest of the day.  P180 is sure worth it just for the convenience.
The mall was in full Christmas swing!  Very busy and lively.

I was concerned about where to leave the wheelchair when we're going to watch at iMax but a quick inquiry from the guard revealed that they actually have space allocated for such stuff! I left the wheelchair with them and I was given a stub for claiming it back later.

We watched Tron: Legacy on 3D. It was awesome. Jo-Lo watched intently the whole time. When I was trying to get his attention to see if he was sleeping, he leaned over and whispered, "Daddy, just watch the movie, ok?" and then went back to staring at the screen.

We had a fun day at the Mall of Asia.  Next stop: Baguio!

to be continued

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