14 January 2011

our ZestAir experience

When we were planning our itinerary for our Philippines vacation, we have already thought about taking a plane going to Baguio City.  However, our research has revealed that our options are really very small.  Only one, in fact.  And that is, to fly to La Union and take the rest of the trip by land to Baguio.  And even in this instance, we have only one option: ZestAir (at this stage, SeaAir's route to La Union was not operational).

I googled for news about ZestAir's service and unfortunately most of the news we read as not favourable.  Delays mostly, and postponements to schedules that were nonexistent.  And so we were deliberating on doing the Victory Liner route instead.  But when we spotted a travel agent in the mall, we decided to give ZestAir a try.

The lady in front was also taking photos of the plane... perhaps she's also a blogger...

The flight was already 2 days away and so the tickets were already a bit pricey.  We managed to get one seat at 1,300+ but the two other seats were already at 1,700+.

To make long story short, we arrived at the domestic airport two hours before departure as advised.  We had a five-minute boarding delay because of aircraft maintenance, and a further 10 minutes delay because of airport congestion.  But apart from the 15-minutes delay, the trip was smooth sailing.

As a budget airline, food has to be bought.  I read somewhere that since this is owned by fruit juice corporation Zesto, there is unlimited juice served in the plane.  I'm too lazy to search for that article again, but this is not true.  You have to buy the food on board.

We also had nice and friendly stewardesses.

We also read that there is a complementary shuttle trip to Baguio.  We requested for this when we checked in.  And sure enough, a van was waiting at La Union to take us to Baguio.  That was really very nice.

We had a pleasant experience with ZestAir, and we look forward to another smooth ride when we take their service going back to Manila on 28 January.

ZestAir's website is at www.zestair.com.ph

The only thing I could not forget in this trip... and this is not ZestAir related... is that a middle-aged lady tried to cut-in the line in front of me when I was queued up for lunch.  She had with her her two grandkids who are apparently from the US because they were conversing with an English accent.  I asked her, "excuse me, nakapila po ba kayo?" to which she replied "Oo, kanina pa".  Which was a blatant lie because I have been in the line for over 15 minutes already at that time.  I said "I don't think so" and I moved forward.  Ang kapal ha.  Teaching her grandkids to cut in line and thinking she can do away with it just because they're from abroad.  I wish I could have taken her picture and posted it here.


  1. dapat kung galing siya sa US, sanay siya sa pila.

    Dito hinihiya rin ang mga ganiyan.

  2. Glad you had a nice flight !
    Looks like a very small plane. I have to confess I would think twice to travel with ZestAir because the planes look quite old and small... but again... it is more a psychological problem than a real one... :-)

    I hope you enjoy the Philippines :-)

  3. I've flown Asian Spirit, but never ZestAir.

    Lucky for you to go back to Pinas for vacation. I don't think I'll be going home for a while.


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