19 February 2011

The longest Christmas party in the making

(This post is a bit delayed I know; I still have vacation hangover I guess)

I'm not sure if my friends still remember this, but back in high school we have been planning to have a Christmas get-together at Leo's place. But come Christmas time, we'd all go our own merry ways and meet the following year when school is back.

So I guess I can say this has been a long time coming. When Leo invited us over to their house for a (post) Christmas party, it was definitely a go.

We had loads of fun. I saw Leo's mom, who I have not seen ever since I finished college. Their house has changed for the better, but the familiar areas are still there (I spent a week in their place during high school). They're the kind of friends who you do not see for so many years and when you get together, it's like you only met yesterday and you pick up where you left off. Leo's sister said we were like high school kids all over again. We were up til past midnight. To add to the ambience, we even had the Gunter Kallmann choir provide the background music to add the to already festive atmosphere.

We also had a bit of a photoshoot which was a lot of fun! Thanks Leo!

We spent the better part of the night jumping around I think!

Hopefully the next Christmas get-together won't take as long!

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