14 February 2011


It was among the first things we noticed when we entered my sister's room: the sound of a chick chirping loudly. A quick inquiry revealed a small bag the size of a wallet and inside a chick nestled comfortably. My nieces named him/her (we don't know yet, let's stick to him for now) Odox. Where they got the name, I don't know. But it was obvious that Odox is a well-loved chick.

Odox would call out loudly when no one else is in the room, that's how comforting he finds the company of people. He wouldn't eat plain rice, and he loves snuggling. He was such a character; we'd always look for him whenever we visited our sister.

I guess taking care of pets run in the family!

When I voiced out loud what will happen when Odox gets bigger, my sister quipped, "We'll get a bigger bag!"

I hope to see Odox again when we come back to the Philippines for another vacation.

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