11 August 2011

Got extra pots and pans? Give them to new migrants

The Filipino Chaplaincy of Wellington is looking to assist new migrants by acting as a conduit for those who want to help, and match them to those who need help.  One thing we as a family experienced when we were also new to the country was the challenge of acquiring the basic necessities (we only had clothes and camping utensils when we arrived!).  Strangers (and good friends since then) came to the rescue and gave us stuff we can use temporarily.  Much of the stuff we received though are in very good condition and we still have these til now.  But I digress...

It truly is amazing to find the Bayanihan spirit alive and well in Wellington.

If you have extra stuff you no longer need - blankets, pots, pans, plates, flat iron, bed, chairs, etc... why not help out somebody who's starting life anew here in Wellington?  There is a form available in the Filipino Chaplaincy website for this purpose.  For your convenience, I have also duplicated that as a page here in my blog (see "Donate Goods for New Migrants").

And if you are a new migrant in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Chaplaincy as well.  You may use the form "Household Items Needed" in this blog or visit the Chaplaincy website for further information.

The forms in this blog sends the results directly to the Chaplaincy.

Salamat po!


  1. This is awesome stuff! Great bayanihan spirit in action! Will feature this in the next FILkada WEEKLY newsletter. Thanks!


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